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Threading is an ancient art that has travelled from East to West and is now the preferred way to shape and care for your eyebrows.


Anti Ageing

Waxing pulls and stretches the skin, using tweezers can nick the skin and break hair easily leaving the root intact. At Beautiful Eyebrows we use a sterilised piece of 100% natural cotton to glide across the skin, removing excess hair from the root (not the follicle) while it does so. The results are neat, perfectly symmetrical eyebrows which can take years off your face.


Quick and accurate

The simplicity of threading is what makes it all the more popular. At Beautiful Eyebrows eyebrow shaping and definition takes just 5-7 minutes. Our expertise, good lighting and training is what helps us in giving you the best result. Threading at Beautiful Eyebrows sculpts your eyebrows like no other treatment. Our therapists can guide the thread so that it creates the perfect shape for your face.


Longer lasting

The thread grabs every single hair and whips it out by the root, leaving a cleaner finish with longer lasting results and better definition.



Add Tinting to give a defined look to your eyebrows. This creates a natural emphasised look which is used to thicken eyebrows. We are careful not to go overboard with tinting. *a 24hour patch test is required before having tinting done


Threading is often used to remove hair from your Upper Lip, Eyebrows, Side Face, Forehead, Neck and Chin. *Do not use sunbeds directly after threading