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The treatment involves 7 steps which are as follows –


1) Consultation -  Beautiful Eyebrows will determine which brow shape will best suit your face, what colour your brows should be and filling in a few forms with basic details.


2) Tinting – If you have thin, or over plucked brows, you don’t need to worry as Beautiful Eyebrows will tint your brows to match your hair or natural colour. The dye is left on for a minute and is then swept off with cotton pads.


3) Waxing – Most of you would have had your brows waxed before and so I know that you can handle the pain, but to be honest, waxing around the eye area is relatively pain free.  We will use a specially created HD brow wax to ensure that it doesn’t pull or hurt the skin, and this is used to create the arch.


4) Trimming – Your brows are then combed through and trimmed to make sure they are tame and of the same length.


5) Threading – Most of you will be nervous about this, however our technique is gentle as pain free as possible. Threading is used above the brow to blend the hairs in naturally to the rest of your face and to give the definition and accurate shape.


6) Tweezing – This is probably the most uncomfortable part of the process but for the outcome it is worth it!


7) Aftercare – Beautiful Eyebrows will then run through how to care for your new brows and will fill in any sparse areas with the HD brow kit as well as setting the brows with the HD Brows ‘Brow Beater’. We will show you how to fill your brows in with the powder if you request it.


The advantage of this treatment is that it fills in your gaps and gives an even and more noticeable look to your brows.


The treatment will last around 3 to 4 weeks and takes 45minutes.


HD Brows are the ultimate in giving your eyebrows the Celebrity look